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Brake Buddy Select II Portable Braking System - 14.1791

BrakeBuddy 39523 floor viewBrakeBuddy alert monitor 14.1791
BrakeBuddy 14.1791 wiring
BrakeBuddy 14.1791 features
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Brake Buddy Select II Portable Braking System

Item 14.1791 | MFR# 39523

BrakeBuddy is dedicated to towing safety by providing the best and easiest-to-use supplementary braking system with NEW Technological Advancements. This product replaces the BrakeBuddy Vantage Select.


  • Charger keeps towed battery fully mantained.  
  • Easy to carry foldable handle
  • One touch startup button.  This is a patented feature that saves the user from hitting the activation button several times to bleed vacuum out of power brake booster.
  • No connections to your motor home are required
  • Requires no alterations to your hydraulic lines
  • Can easily be transferred between vehicles
  • Provides instant alerts from the braking unit in the Motor Home
  • Simple installation instructions
  • Reduces stopping distance up to 50%
  • Prevents excessive motorhome brake and tow bar wear
  • Keeps you safe and legal in all states and provinces
  • Break-away system brings towed car to a controlled stop if it separates from motorhome
  • Works on all vehicles, including Hybrids 
  • 5 Year 30 Day Money Back Warranty

 Ease of Use:

  • Automatic Startup
  • One cord for power and break-away system
  • Push a button and the Vantage Select prepares itself for use
  • One-hand attachment to brake pedal
  • Adjust braking method or sensitivity from the coach
  • Charger keeps towed car battery fully maintained
  • Advanced terrain sensing technology
  • Nonskid pad secures the remote, so no permanent installation is required
  • Quick-Connect Clevis
  • Break-Away System
Dual Mode Braking Gives You Greater Control Over the Braking response:

Full Braking- Removes the entire weight of the towed vehicle when stopping         

Proportional Braking - Mirrors the braking action of the motorhome 

Whether you prefer Full or Proportional braking, or to switch between modes based on different driving conditions, Vantage Select II gives you the power to choose at the touch of a button.

 On-The-Fly Braking Adjustability

Wireless Diagnostic Remote allows you to choose between Full and Proportional braking and adjust the sensitivity settings on-the-fly from the coach. When the motorhome brakes are applied, BrakeBuddy senses vehicle deceleration and applies the towed car brakes, taking the entire weight of the towed car off the motorhome. 

You get peace of mind knowing that the BrakeBuddy is fully functioning: it notifies you of braking mode, a breakaway situation, and diagnostic information.

Breakaway Safety System-How it Works

  1. Mount the junction box at the front of your towed vehicle.
  2. Install the wiring harness from the Breakaway, through the firewall, to the junction box.
  3. Attach the steel cable from your motor home to the junction box receptacle.

In the event your towed vehicle ever detaches from the motor home, the steel cable pulls the receptacle out of the junction box. This activates the BrakeBuddy which stops the towed vehicle. The BrakeBuddy will continue to apply the brakes until the receptacle is reconnected to the junction box.

This system is extremely simple to install with their detailed instructions. BrakeBuddy is easy to use and meets the legally required supplementary braking requirements mandated by many state laws. Don't subject yourself to a potentially large liability claim simply because you did not comply with legal requirements.  Most state and provincial towing laws require a Break-Away System. In the event your towed vehicle separates from the motorhome, the BrakeBuddy Break-Away System will apply the brakes of the towed vehicle bringing it to a controlled stop.

Check out the legal requirements for various states on BrakeBuddy's website.

Check out the Brake Buddy Select II Training seminar

BrakeBuddy Carrying Bag For Select II and Classic II
Item #: 39355BB | Manufacturer #: 39355
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Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 08/14/20.
Hopkins 39494 BrakeBuddy Classic III Braking Package
Item #: 14.3944 | Manufacturer #: 39494
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Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 08/14/20.

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Manufacturer Numbers
39523, 14-1791
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Hopkins Manufacturing
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  • No connections to your motor home need to be made.
  • No alterations to your hydraulic lines are needed.
  • Easily transferred between vehicles
  • Power Required: 12 volts, 15 amps
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Dimensions: 19" L x 11.75" W x 6.75" H
  • ABS Polycarbonate Constructions
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