Out of Town Purchaser?

Want to buy one of PPL's Consigned RVs but You Live a Long Way from Houston?

Call PPL Motor Homes toll free at 1-800-755-4775 and request that an Earnest Money Agreement be faxed to you for the purchase of a specific RV.

Can A Unit be Delivered Out of State?

Either you or an agent you appoint would have to come to the PPL location where the vehicle is listed for sale to sign the paperwork and take possession of the unit.  If you send an agent to pick up the unit,  they will need a power of attorney form from you showing they can legally sign the purchase paperwork.  We will provide all the sales paperwork needed. In addition, please make sure you and/or your transport company have insurance to cover liability and physical damage on the RV.

There are several independent services that pick up and/or deliver RVs throughout the country. Click here for a list of these services.

Complete the Agreement, Fax it to PPL, and Pay Your Earnest Money

Please sign the Earnest Money Agreement and fax it back to PPL Motor Homes at 713-988-8447. This Purchase Agreement, if accepted by the Seller, obligates you to purchase the vehicle within 5 days regardless of whether you or your representative have inspected the vehicle.  The vehicle is available for inspection during this 5-day period. You must also deposit $500 earnest money by credit card or check. The Agreement will become effective when PPL has received both an approved signed Agreement and the $500 earnest money.

Complete the Purchase within 5 Days

You must then complete the purchase within 5 days of acceptance of your Earnest Money Agreement by PPL or your earnest money will be forfeited.  If you need more than 5 days to close on the sale, we will, with approval by PPL Management and the owner of the vehicle, consider holding the vehicle for 14 days with a $1000 non-refundable deposit.

The only fee you will pay here will be the purchase price, the $399.00 check out/demonstration fee (optional), a documentary fee, and the Texas inventory tax based on the value of the vehicle.

Note to all customers outside the U.S.A.: We appreciate your business and want to make your transaction as smooth as possible. The total amount due at closing must be provided in cash (US Dollars) or a wire transfer to PPL Motor Homes. Wiring instructions will be provided by the Business Manager processing the paperwork for the purchase of the RV.

Hotel Information

Many of our customers will want to stay a couple of days to shop for or take delivery on an RV. The following is a list of Hotels closest to each of our locations.


Comfort Suites, Special Rate:7707 West Sam Houston Pkwy S, Houston, TX 77072, 713-774-7707 is about 2 miles from PPL, is newly remodeled, and provides our customers with exceptional service. Our discounted rate is $79.00 per night (plus tax) which includes breakfast. To receive this price, you must ask for the "PPL" rate when making your reservations by phone: 713-774-7707. For booking online: Click here to access the Comfort Suites PPL rate.

Other Hotels near PPL Houston

 Hotels near PPL New Braunfels

Hotels near PPL Cleburne

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