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Arcon 19666 Surge Protector - 50 Amp, 240 Volts - 31.8107

Arcon 19666 Surge Protector - 50 Amp, 240 Volts Image 1
Arcon 19666 Surge Protector - 50 Amp, 240 Volts Image 1
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Arcon 19666 Surge Protector - 50 Amp, 240 Volts

Item 31.8107 | MFR# 19666

protector is specially designed for RVs with the purpose to protect its electrical system from high and low voltage conditions as well as power surges. There is a risk of experiencing damage due to high and low voltage conditions and power surges when you hook your RV to a power source in the campground. The surge protectors work by absorbing all the extra voltage and diverting it back to the ground. It has the built-in ability to recognize electrical faults before you even hook your RV into a power source. One of the reasons why this surge protector stands out from the rest is because it has the highest Joules rating available in the market for any portable surge protector designed for RVs. The surge protector can detect low voltage conditions below 160 volts per line while its lightning strike defense system protects RVs from power surges due to lightning strikes. You should not plug it at home, as this is only meant to be used when you are at a campground. In the event you find a fault with the surge protector, you can return it, as the manufacturer offers a limited one-year warranty. It is pertinent that you use a surge protector to protect your RV's electrical system because high or low voltage and power surges can cause significant damage to it. It can leave you with a fried electrical system and a costly repair or replacement bill. You should always use premium quality surge protectors like this one to protect your RV's electrical system. If you have invested in a lot of money into buying your RV, you need to take measures to protect it by getting this surge protector.

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Manufacturer Numbers
19666, 31-8107
UPC List
  • Absorbs extra voltage and diverts it to the floor
  • Identifies electrical faults prior to plugging your RV into a power source
  • Has highest Joules rating from all portable surge protectors for RVs
  • Senses low voltage conditions under 106V per line
  • Plugs into a campground power supply but not applicable for home use
  • In compliant with UL specifications
  • Amperage of 50 amps
  • Wattage of 12,000 watts
  • Frequency of 60Hz
  • 7,200 Joules of power suppression
  • Voltage of 240 volts, which is 120V per line