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Winegard Wingman Antenna Add-On - 22-1333

Winegard Wingman Antenna Add-On Image 1
Winegard Wingman Antenna Add-On Image 1
Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 10/01/21.


Winegard Wingman Antenna Add-On

Item 22-1333 | MFR# RV-WING

wingman with Sensarpro

NEW Accessory!

Compliment this Antenna with the Sensarpro TV Signal Finder. Point your antenna to the strongest towers BEFORE scanning for channels.
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The Sensar Wingman is optimized for Digital and HD programming, providing you with the ultimate DTV/HDTV experience! Enjoy FREE HD and improve your Winegard Sensar batwing antenna's VHF/UHF performance with the Wingman. This lightweight, sleek add-on attaches with 4 simple snap-on screws to the Sensar head to increase db gain up to 100% on DTV channels. This will improve the quality of digital reception, particularly in the UHF channels (channels 14-51) and may allow you to pick up weaker channels that you would not normally 'see'.

Antenna Aiming Tip: Aiming, or 'tuning', your antenna was easier with the now gone analog stations. Just turn the antenna until you got the best picture. With digital signals, it is 'all or nothing', so finding the right direction to aim your antenna becomes more of a problem. Following are some tips to help get the antenna aimed.

    1. When you are parked, you may know the general direction of the largest nearby city. Point the Wingman in that direction and you are likely to pick up some channels when you do a 'scan'. Most newer digital TV's and converter boxes have a 'signal strength' feature that you can then use to 'tweak' the direction of your antenna for the strongest signal. Then scan again to see if additional channels are found.
    2. If there are other campers around, see which direction their antennas are pointing and use that as a starting point.
    3. If you plan ahead and/or have internet access, the following website will give you compass directions and distances to the nearest stations. You will need the address of the campground or at least the Zip Code. Always point the Wingman toward the desired station and do the signal strength/scan for best results.

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    Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 10/01/21.
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    Manufacturer Numbers
    RV-WING, 24-0148
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    Antenna Type
    • Optimizes Sensar for DTV channels
    • Increases performance up to 100%
    • FREE Digital Programming
    • Attaches to existing Sensar head
    • Installs in minutes - no tools required
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