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Freight Only Liquid Rubber - 38-1416

liquid rubber roof repair
liquid rubber roof repair
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Freight Only Liquid Rubber

Item 38-1416 | MFR# 9991-4

Liquid rubber roof repair is recommended by experts for as an easy-to-apply rubber roof that literally pours on. It is long lasting, it seals leaks and keeps the interior cooler.

Liquid Roof Kits:
It comes in 4-gallon, 1-gallon, and 1-quart Kits. Kits include: Mixer, Brush, and Reinforcing fabric in addition to liquid rubber and catalyst.


  1. 4-gallon - 184 sqft. (Comes in a 5 gallon pail with catalyst in compartment under the lid.)
  2. 1-gallon - 42 sqft.
  3. 1-quart - 10 sqft

Liquid roof is the World's ONLY EPDM Rubber in a Liquid Form

* EPDM offers the Best Protection Currently Available
* Applies Like Paint and Protects 15 Years
* One coat covers 42 square feet per gallon with a 20 mil thick membrane
* Forms a 100% Seamless roofing membrane
* Both components of this 2 component system are included 

Liquid EPDM rubber can be used to Stop Leaks, Seal and Protect such Surfaces as Motor Home, Travel Trailer, and other RV Rubber roofs.
It can be used to repair leaks or coat an entire roof.  Liquid roof can be applied over
metal, rubber, fiberglass, fabric, wood and concrete.

Surface Preparation for ProGuard Liquid Roof:
Roof surface should be dry and free of dirt and lose coating and caulk.

Mixing Directions for Liquid Roof
The container is under filled to allow for the addition of the pre-measured catalyst (supplied)

Liquid Roof Cure Rate at 70 degrees or higher:
* To touch - 24 hours
* Tack Free - 48 hours
* Full cure - 7 days 

Thinning is not necessary when applied by roller or brush.

Use paint thinner (mineral spirits) for Clean Up.

Brush, roller or squeegee. A combination of methods might be most effective.
For example, on a flat roof, pour a serpentine bead of material, distribute with
squeegee, finish with a short nap roller to press air out of cracks and even out
wet film. The pot life is 4-6 hours depending on temperature. 

Please note these special use conditions:
Coating Sheet Rubber: Solvent from Liquid Roof may be absorbed by sheet
rubber and result in swelling and wrinkling. This condition is temporary and will
recover as solvent slowly evaporates.

Smooth Surfaces: Lightly sand surface with 60 grit sandpaper to improve
adhesion of Liquid Roof.

Liquid Rubber Roof- Kit
Item #: 38-1540 | Manufacturer #: 9991-K
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Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 08/06/21.
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Liquid Rubber Roof-Quart
Item #: 38-1415 | Manufacturer #: 9991-Q
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Liquid Roof 1 Gallon
Item #: 38-1517 | Manufacturer #: F-9991-1
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Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 08/06/21.
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