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HITCH, SWAYPRO, 1500LB - 94-3764

HITCH, SWAYPRO, 1500LB 94-3764
HITCH, SWAYPRO, 1500LB 94-3764HITCH, SWAYPRO, 1500LB 94-3764
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Item 94-3764 | MFR# BXW1500-S

Meet any trailer owner and ask about his biggest worries. He will surely mention trailer swaying as one of them. This is the reason why Blue Ox has put in extra effort to make its BXW1500-S SwayPro S-Series a sway prevention hitch shank. The assembly of easily rotating latches integrated hitch head and loaded spring bar is used to prevent swaying. 

Trailers sway when they put heavier load on one side of the bar. When this happens, the loaded spring bars of BXW1500-S pivot on its hitch head to cancel out the effect of weight imbalance that result in swaying. 

While making BXW1500-S a sway prevention hitch shank, Blue Ox hasn't forgotten about its primary feature i.e. weight management. BXW1500-S SwayPro S-Series Hitch Shank has the maximum capacity of 1500 lb tongue weight suitable for small and medium trailers. The good thing about BXW1500-S SwayPro S-Series Hitch Shank is that it evenly distributes weight on all tires.

When front tires also bear the same weight as the back ones, the driver gets better control on steering and brakes that ensure required road safety.  

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Manufacturer Numbers
BXW1500-S, 14-2497
Blue Ox
UPC List
  • BXW1500-S comes with an open head design to provide easy accessibility for fastening and tightening the hitch ball
  • BXW1500-S is finished with powder coat. This finishing looks professional and provides effective rust prevention to extend the operating life of the hitch shank
  • BXW1500-S is fitted with Blue OX's signature series rotating latches to clear obstacles above the main frame
  • The bars of BXW1500-S doesn't get messy with grease because all of it is captured inside the pivots
  • No further adjustments are required to prevent swaying since BXW1500-S is a built-in sway prevention hitch shank
  • BXW1500-S SwayPro S-Series Hitch Shank accepts 1" or 1-1/4" ball shanks
  • The weight rating of BXW1500-S is marked through four dots on the bars
  • The bars of BXW1500-S can deflect up to 3" with a properly installed system
  • BXW1500-S is able to bear 1500lb tongue weight
  • BXW1500-S comes with 9-point height adjustment