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Trailer Aid-Yellow - 92-8521

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Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 12/10/21.


Trailer Aid-Yellow

Item 92-8521 | MFR# 21

With the Trailer-aid, changing a flat on your travel trailer couldn't be simpler. Just pull the trailers' good tire up onto the trailer aid and it lifts your flat tire up off the ground. This saves you from one of the most back-breaking and dangerous tasks of changing a flat, jacking up the trailer. No more crawling on scalding pavement or through nasty mud & road grime just to find a place to put the jack. Just place this trailer jack behind, or in front of, a "good" tire that is on the same side as the flat tire. Pull your trailer up onto trailer-aid, lifting it 4-1/4" off the ground. This lifts the flat tire off the ground as well.
Some brief instructions are available below for the Trailer-Aid. It's the fast, safe and easy way to change a tire on a tandem axle travel trailer, even when you're alone.

Trailer aid plus shown here

The Trailer Aid Plus is specifically designed for recreational trailers and gives an additional 1" lift for a total of 5-1/4". This makes the trailer aid plus handy when performing maintenance on wheels, axles and brakes by giving you a little extra room to work.

Both Trailer-Aid and Trailer-Aid Plus are designed to work with tandem axle trailers only.

Brief instructions on the use of the Trailer-Aid travel trailer jack:
Step 1 -Step 2 -Step 3 -
Lightly loosen the lug nuts on flat tire then
pull the trailers' good wheel onto trailer-aid.
Remove  flat tire and replace with the
spare and tighten the lug nuts.
Pull trailer off trailer-aid. Torque lug nuts to specs.

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Item #: 92-8522 | Manufacturer #: 22
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Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 12/10/21.
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Sale Prices Shown are Valid Until 12/10/21.

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