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Delta Force Supplemental - 93-0050

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Delta Force Supplemental

Item 93-0050 | MFR# 99242

Towed Vehicle Supplemental Braking System

Delta Force Brake in Stowed PositionInstalled - Note Compact Size!

Delta Force offers the latest in portable-braking technology. Revolutionary design and operation make Delta Force the Top-Tier portable system.Inside and out, Delta Force offers real innovation and usable improvements that have raised the bar. When seen side-by-side, it becomes even easier to see the Delta Force is the portable-braking solution.

Ball-and-Socket Actuator

The game-changing, patent-pending center point of Delta Force. Rotated 90 the actuator folds neatly to the side for storage. When securing the pedal clamp this design allows unheard of freedom of movement. Irregular floorboards are no longer a problem: even those with offset transmittion tunnels no other systems can accomodate. Because the actuator is open from the top, the user can maintain a natural, comfortable position above the system during the simplified setup procedures. Tall boxes obscure the pedal due to height and proximity to the dash, requiring a kneeling "reach-around" position. During activation the patent-pending design allows the actuator to be self-adjusting and non-binding.

Cable Tether

Let's face it. Time has proven that pushing on the seat is not the best idea. Upholstery and foam damage/wear, the inconvenience of constantly moving the seat back-and-forth, and the fact that the soft nature of the seat creates diminished/inconsistent braking effort. The tether system is SMI's revolutionary solution which is comprises of a cable attached to the firewall with one self-drilling screw. The other end of the cable is hooked to the Delta Force actuator with a stainless steel carabiner. This design holds the actuator firmly in place when the brake is applied, not having to push against the seat. Not only is this exponentially more efficient, it also reduces wear on other components and tucks neatly under the floor mat when not in use.

Wireless Monitor - CoachLink

Delta Force's wireless CoachLink is a completely FCC compliant solution developed for and tested in actual motorhomes. As such, the integrity of the wireless signal is second to none. CoachLink monitors the connectivity to towed vehicle, displays braking effort, and has a visual/audible alert for fault codes and the breakaway circuit.

Pedal Clamp

Set-It-Once Pedal Clamp

Just like the name says, loosen the knob, set it once for the towed's pedal. That's it until you change towed vehicles! The clamp engages and releases automatically by pushing down or lifting up on the actuator. Made of powder-coated, heavy duty, laser cut steel in the USA.

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99242, 9599004
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